Hyper Publish PRO

Hyper Publish PRO 2006.20

Helps create professional looking catalogues and websites

Hyper Publish is a software program that creates business catalogues in multiple formats. This product features a complete set of options that allow you to create professional looking business catalogs to be published on websites, self-extracting CDs, brochures, manuals, DVDs or any other format you can think of.

This tool offers a friendly interface, so no experience in graphic design is needed to use this program. With its list of tools, you will be able to select your choices, customize your catalogues and save them in the format of your choice whether it is on a CD, a DVD, a printable brochure or a website.

One of the interesting characteristics of this program is that if the catalogue is to be published on a website, Hyper Publish supports all available browsers so your creation can be uploaded with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Opera.

Hyper Publish is a useful tool for business owners who are seeking to create their own catalogues without having to hire someone else to do it for them.